Should You Join A Podcast Network?

Nick Lai
3 min readNov 25, 2021


Podcasting has finally become mainstream. There are hundreds of thousands of shows out there, with billions of people listening around the globe. Podcasting is even threatening to take over traditional media outlets like radio and TV. As a matter of fact, new research indicates that 66% of consumers nowadays prefer listening to podcasts to watching TV. If you have a podcast, you will do anything in your power to ensure success. You’ve done everything you could. You optimized your content, posted ads, and collaborated with other podcasters. However, you’re not receiving the attention you know you deserve. Should you join a podcast network to achieve success finally? Let’s find out…

How Podcast Networks Actually Work?

Podcast networks mainly work as promotional vehicles for multiple creators. There are both large and small podcast networks out there. However, no matter their size, they can give a new show a lot of exposure right from the get-go. Networks have already established listener bases a new podcast can tap in as soon as they become members. In turn, the show can bring in more listeners to the network. That’s the effect of a podcast network, in short.

What Do You Need To Join A Podcast Network?

With so many potential pros, joining a podcast network is probably hard. Well, it depends on the network itself. Different organizations have different requirements for memberships. In most cases, you need to reach out to the network and talk to an official to see if they’re interested in collaborating with new podcasts. Large corporations run some networks, so you may need to talk to their marketing department.

Benefits Of Joining A Podcast Network

Now let’s talk about the clear benefits of joining a podcast network starting with…

You’ll Boost Your Marketing

Many networks have their own marketing experts on board. The job of these guys is to help small shows like yours gain more exposure and bring in more listeners. It’s in their best interest for your show to expand to new regions and attract new demographics.

Your Listener Base Will Increase

With more help from others on the network, you will start having more listeners in no time. Not only will you have use of the marketing department, but you’ll also be able to attract some of the people who are already listening to other shows on the network.

There’ll Be More Networking Opportunities

Having access to an entire network of podcasters will do wonder for your networking. You’ll be able to collaborate with multiple podcasters on the network. In turn, this will enable you to learn more about the art and business of podcasting. You’ll also meet people outside the network through network employees.

Additional Revenue Streams Will Emerge

With better marketing, more listeners, and collaborations with well-known podcasters, new money-making opportunities will start popping up left and right. Not only will you be able to sell ad spots on your podcasts, but you’ll also have an opportunity to land a big sponsor for the first time in your career. With more money, you’ll be able to improve your show even more.

The Bottom Line

If you’re still thinking should you join a podcast network, the answer is, it all depends on a lot of factors, really. By joining a podcast network, you’ll see:

— Better results from marketing

— An increase in listeners

— More networking opportunities

— New revenue streams emerging

So whether you want to join a network depends on whether you want these things and whether you’re ready to work hard to gain them.



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