Online Gaming and Gambling Twitter Advertising Policy

Nick Lai
3 min readAug 3, 2022
Online Gaming and Gambling Twitter Advertising Policy

If you are the owner of an online gaming or gambling website, then that means there are rules you need to follow when advertising your website on Twitter. Since Twitter is a viral social media site, people might stumble across your tweets while searching for content on their favorite social media sites. A recent study by Pew Research Center reported that 26 percent of all Americans use Twitter. With so many users on Twitter, it is essential to make sure you adhere to the latest policies before beginning an ad campaign with this company.

Twitter Advertising Policies

There are two main areas where you must be careful when advertising online gaming and gambling websites on Twitter:

— Policy 1 — “Creatives” must not contain images or artwork that are considered misleading. For example, a creative ad for a casino must not have a picture of a person playing poker.

— Policy 2 — You cannot have any promotions that favor particular Twitter users, such as asking people to retweet your content to win something from you. It is considered spam by the safety council, and the team will reject it.

The Twitter advertising network has many different requirements to be followed when creating an advertisement for online gaming and gambling websites. These requirements include:

— Ads can’t use copy that implies an affiliation with Twitter;

— No misleading ads (including sites containing adult content); and

— No use of user’s profile photos, names, or likeness in advertisements without permission

“Creatives” are the images or artwork that you place in your ads. Twitter has a stringent policy on what users can use to advertise any online gaming or gambling website. The general rule is simple: nothing misleading! Bad examples of creatives include, but are not limited to:

— No posing with stacks of money;

— No playing poker; and

— No parlor games.

Additionally, promotional ads for online casinos must not contain pictures of people enjoying casino games such as slot machines or cards. An image like this would lead viewers to believe they could win big cash prizes by visiting your website when in reality, all you have to offer is online gambling.

How Not To Get Your Ads Rejected

To keep your ads from being rejected, reading the complete list of ad guidelines on the Twitter website is recommended. In addition, all creatives must be approved by a member of the Twitter advertising team before you can begin any ad campaign. You also need to pay attention when thinking about making promotional deals with other users on Twitter. For example, a common tactic used in marketing is giving away free stuff to people who retweet a specific tweet. This type of action violates one of the safety council’s policies and will not be permitted. Also, you cannot ask people to follow or unfollow other users. Again, this is considered spam and will be removed from the advertising platform quickly. Furthermore, you cannot use HTML in your ads as it can interfere with other users’ accounts.

Last but not least, even if you follow all of Twitter’s safety guidelines and policies, there is always a chance for a rejected ad campaign before it ever sees the light of day! The best advice we offer is to read through their entire list of ads guidelines and make sure everything about your campaign matches their requirements as closely as possible.

Final Thoughts

The Twitter advertising network is a great way to promote your online casinos, poker rooms, and other gambling websites. However, you must follow all of their guidelines to avoid having your ads disapproved by their safety council team.



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