Online Gaming and Gambling Google Advertising Policy

Nick Lai
3 min readJun 22, 2022
Online Gaming and Gambling Google Advertising Policy

Google has a strict policy against promoting online gaming and gambling. Despite these restrictions, Google Ads provides some workarounds to promote your casino while complying with the Adwords policies. Adhering to Google’s policies ensures that your website is not recommended or shown on a search engine results page. Additionally, all ads are subject to manual review by a Google team before approval, delaying campaign launches. To avoid having issues, ensure that you have a strong understanding of where Google draws the line between acceptable and non-acceptable promotions.

How To Advertise Your Online Casino On Google Ads

Since Google has a strict policy against promoting online gaming and gambling, it is imperative that you only use the marketing materials provided in the Adwords promotion library. Any advertisements or images may result in your ad not being approved or, worse, your website entirely removed from results pages. The Google Ads Library contains all official promotional assets provided by Google for advertisers, such as banners, text ads, and landing pages. Before using any of these assets, check to ensure they do not violate any rules outlined in the policies section below by carefully reading through the entire list of restrictions.

The Gambling Ads Policy — Some General Guidelines

If you’re reading this, it means you dedicate a part of your marketing budget to Google Ads. That means you need to know what your ads can and can’t have. You need to follow a few guidelines to create an effective Google Ad for your online casino.

Do Not Promote Online Gaming

Google prohibits any promotion of “online casinos or games that don’t comply with local casino regulations.” However, if your website complies with the country’s laws where it operates, you may be approved for advertising. To be approved for advertising, make sure to include a disclosure in your ad text (e.g., “Not available in the US”).

Disclose Your Profits Or Relationship With Online Casinos

If your website offers only table games like roulette and blackjack, you must include a disclosure in your ad text explaining what kind of games they offer (e.g., “Online Slot Machines”). Casinos offering only table games should advertise separate campaigns with “Online Blackjack” ads that don’t contain any details about their non-table game options.

Don’t Bid On Trademarked Terms

Search engines typically won’t return results for generic search queries containing trademarks, as these are attempts at keyword spamming. To promote your website through the use of a trademarked term, Google requires that you have written permission from them beforehand.

Don’t Create And Show Misleading Ads

Your ad must clearly explain what it’s advertising. If your ad is misleading, it could result in an account suspension by Google Ads. To ensure compliance with this policy, specify whether you’re promoting a free or paid play directly within the ads themselves as well as including additional text below the ads that further clarifies what type of promotion or service they’re advertising.

The Bottom Line

Google is clear about its policies and the consequences that come along with violating them. Therefore it’s your responsibility as a casino or game owner to be informed about what you can and cannot do to comply with Google Ads Terms & Conditions.



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